Dietas para perros geriátricos

Diets for geriatric dogs

Geriatric or senior dogs are the ones that are in the last 25% of the life expectancy calculated for their breed. At this stage, the dog’s body undergoes some changes, such as the…

Monthly pathology: January 2022

Monthly pathology: January 2022

General analysis Low temperatures persist in the northern hemisphere that favor the growth of fungi in crops, stored raw materials and balanced feed. Monitoring the levels of contamination by fungi and mycotoxins is essential to apply effective prevention techniques and … Read More

Feed for tilapias

Feed for tilapias

service of analysis and formulation of diets for animals, which allows to optimize the composition of the feed contemplating the inclusion of the best functional additives.


Monthly pathology: November 2021

General analysis Low temperature and high humidity levels start to settle in the Northern hemisphere. The latter promote the growth of fungi in the crops, raw materials, and stored feeds, which makes the monitorization of contamination levels and the implementation … Read More

Main migratory routes of birds.


Main migratory routes of birds. They travel from North to South in October and can act as vectors of diseases between different geographic regions.

Use of fat in pig production - Use of fat in pig feed

Use of fat in pig production

Fat in pig diets is used as an energy source, besides, it serves as a vehicle for fat-soluble proteins and adds flavor to the meat. In fact, lipids present in muscle tissue in a proportion no greater than 3-5% provide juiciness, tenderness, and good taste, as well as palatability and texture, essential properties of some meat products.