Feed Formulation

Dietas para perros geriátricos

Diets for geriatric dogs

Geriatric or senior dogs are the ones that are in the last 25% of the life expectancy calculated for their breed. At this stage, the dog’s body undergoes some changes, such as the…

Feed for tilapias

Feed for tilapias

service of analysis and formulation of diets for animals, which allows to optimize the composition of the feed contemplating the inclusion of the best functional additives.

La sal en formulación de dietas para aves

Salt in the formulation of poultry diets

Salt is an ingredient commonly used in poultry diets as a source of sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl), important minerals for the organism. It is very rich in these minerals, as it has more than 95% purity, and specifically contains 38% sodium and 58% chlorine (Blas et al. 2019). Its addition in the diet is importance because the main ingredients, like cereals or soybean meal, are low in sodium; besides, chlorine in salt is highly bioavailable in poultry (Schaible 1941).

Uso de aminoácidos en dietas para pollos de engorde

Amino acids in diets for broilers

Amino acids: definition and classification Amino acids are organic compounds that form proteins. They also have other essential functions related with nervous transmission or the synthesis of other compounds that are essential for the organism. Their structure has the amino … Read More